I have over eighteen years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, specialising in network deployment planning and strategy.  A key skill that is frequently sought after by clients is my ability to see the ‘big picture’ and step back from the detail of a problem to work out the most effective approach for the business.  This, coupled with a strong analytical ability and a deep technical knowledge, enables me to tackle the real problem to an appropriate level of detail.

Prior Professional Experience

Managing Director of Peak Intelligence Limited, a business and telecommunications consultancy, from 2004 until 2020.

Director in the Business Solutions Group of WFI Limited, leading teams of technical consultants on major projects in Europe and responsible for sales coordination between 1999 and 2002.  Appointed to the board of Questus Limited in December 1999, prior to its acquisition by WFI in August 2000.

Senior Manager in the Nortel Network Design and Delivery division responsible for delivering network and business consultancy to Nortel clients and due diligence for Nortel’s customer finance division.

Senior Manager responsible for establishing the network planning consultancy business of the Cogent Telco Consulting group (then part of Nortel Networks).

Manager of the Network Planning group of BNR Europe (Nortel), responsible for developing network design, planning and optimisation techniques for GSM and fixed networks including switch and transport applications.  I was responsible for developing the group into a recognised centre of expertise for teletraffic engineering and deployment planning.  I delivered network plans for several national and international network deployments including E-Plus (3rd German digital mobile licence), Energis (UK), Preussen-Elektra Telekom (German national SDH network), China Unicom (Shandong Province GSM network) and fixed radio access deployment plans for the Philippines, India and South Africa.  I led the development of capacity planning for fixed radio access technologies being developed by Nortel in the mid-1990s.

Engineer in the Electronic Warfare Technology Group of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Adelaide, South Australia where I worked on the development of microwave and mm-wave electronic warfare systems.

Senior Research Engineer in the Antenna Group at STC Technology Limited (now Nortel Technology), responsible for systems design and integrity evaluation for a UHF tactical secure communication system, the development of a GPS adaptive antenna array for system trials, a computer modelling program for airframe scattering analysis and technical content of a joint feasibility study with two other companies on a capital ship communication system.

Research Engineer at the GEC Marconi Research Centre (now BAE Systems).  Responsible for the development of computer aided antenna measurement facilities including a field-test set for the CAA using near-field measurement techniques (paper presented at the QMC Antenna Symposium in 1986). He developed antenna measurement software for the indoor near-field antenna range and his software was put to use on all antenna ranges. In addition, he worked on antenna design and radar cross-section analysis. A patent application was submitted in 1986.


BSc (Hons), Physics with Electronics, The University of Southampton, 1984 

Fellow of the Institute of Physics (FInstP), 2006

Registered with FEANI Group 1 (EUR ING), 1991

Chartered Engineer (CEng), 1991

Chartered Physicist (CPhys), 1990

Member of the Institute of Physics (MInstP), 1990

Other Interests

Member of the IoP Chartered Engineer assessment panel (~2000-2019).

Committee member of the Physics & Law Group of the Institute of Physics (2006 - 2009).

Science and Engineering Ambassador to schools (2006 - 2010).

Member of the Post-graduate Industrial Steering Committee at the University of Aston Department of Electronic Engineering and Applied Physics since the mid-1990s.

External Examiner to the University of Aston Department of Electronic Engineering and Applied Physics from 1997-2001 and occasional external lecturer.