Policy on receipt of unsolicited commercial e-mail (SPAM):

All unsolicited commercial e-mail (SPAM) received by any user of this site through the site mail server will be reported to SpamCop and other reporting organisations together with block-list maintainers without notice to the sender.

Attempts to register, access or otherwise interfere with the operation of this web site and server:

Any and all attempts to register, access without permission or otherwise interfere with the operation of this site and/or server will be reported to block-list maintainers. Attempted access from hosts registered on block-lists will be denied. Attempts to access this site using incorrectly configured browsers will be denied.

Privacy Policy:

The Data Controller is Ian Beeby Esq., 10 King's Bench Walk, Temple, LONDON, EC4Y 7EB, England. E-mails relating to the operation of or any privacy maters relating to this Web Site are to be sent to webmaster@ianbeeby.org.

The only data collected by this web site is related to the individual connections made to it and include the public ip address of the user's computer or terminal. Some browser related information is collected automatically and used only for statistical purposes (such as but not limited to identifying the prevalence of particular web browsers or use of web browsers where compatibility issues have been identified). The statistical information also includes country of origin (as identified using geoip) and pages accessed by particular public ip addresses (to assess the popularity of particular content).

Cookies are set by the web server by default unless refused by the user's computer or terminal. Cookies are used purely to enhance the browsing experience of the user. Cookies are not used to track users or to identify users. If the cookies set by the software operating on this system are deemed to be capable of identifying or tracking the user, the operator has no knowledge of this nor of how to implement such a facility and has no intention of implementing any such facility.

The operator of this web site respects the privacy of casual and legitimate users. Save as noted below, under no circumstances will any data relating to persons legitimately accessing this site be sold or passed to third party organisations for any purpose without the express permission of the said user unless the maintainer is required to do so by law. Such data is not retained for any period longer than necessary to manage the web site and is not downloaded unless there is a problem in operating the site. Save as required by law or to investigate misuse of the site or an operational issue with the site the log data is not analysed.

Log data is retained by the site maintainer until no longer required to facilitate the maintenance of the site. System logs are not accessible to the site owner and are kept until no longer required by the system manager.

The computer hosting this web site is located in the United States of America. This applies to the domain ianbeeby.org.

Any user who attempts access to or use of this site for purposes not related to ordinary use, such use being determined at the sole and exclusive discretion of the maintainer, shall be deemed to waive their rights to privacy and the site maintainers shall have the right to disclose the access details of such users to any third party organisation deemed by the maintainer to be a suitable recipient of such information for any purpose including and not limited to the maintenance of block-lists, the reporting of illegal, illegitimate or unacceptable activity to host ISPs and law enforcement organisations in any jurisdiction.